At many locations, the Rail to Trail conversion has places where the train tracks crossed existing roads.  These crossings include an intricate cement and track surface and the disabled rail road crossing signals.

rail road street crossingdisabled crossing signal

Our thought is to save these existing rail road features and use them to;

  1. provide a safe “crosswalk” environment for the bike riders and pedestrians using the trail
  2. provide an historical context, reminding people that this was a rail to train conversion

There is nothing that would need to be done to convert the tracks to a crosswalk, as they already look the part.  The only place where this would not be practical is where the tracks do not line up with existing traffic signals and crosswalks.  The intersection at Santa Clara and 28th Street is a good example.

The idea behind the signals would be to strip the existing wiring and lights and convert them to something equivalent to the pedestrian signal lights that are popping up all across the city.  Install battery driven LED lights with a solar charging system on the top and a pedestrian request to cross button on the side.