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BART Phase II Status Update — 1 Comment

  1. I was taken to task, by a very good friend, for painting the most optimistic of pictures — pre-Trump — about the status of this project. I made a small change in the article to more accurately reflect today’s climate, but am adding some his comments here.

    For the record, I serve on the VTA BART Phase II Community Working Group for the 28th Street Station. My friend just happens to chair that group.

    The bottom line is complex.

    VTA is in the process of requesting the final $1.5 billion dollars from the federal government for BART Phase II. President Trump has proposed eliminating the Federal Transportation Administration’s New Starts Program. Unfortunately, that is the program from which the $1.5 billion would come.

    If the FTA modifies the 2010 Record of Decision (ROD) late this year to include the final 6 miles of the system, then it’s much more likely that the Full Finding Grant Agreement, of $1.5B will be awarded in late 2019 to complete Phase II all the way to Santa Clara.

    Also, the State Cap-and-Trade Auction proceeds were also supposed to provide up to $750 million for BART Phase II. However, the C-and-T auctions have gone abysmally, because its constitutionality is being challenged in the courts. That’s why the State Senate just passed SB1 to raise $52 billion over the next 10 years for transportation infrastructure projects (like BART Phase II). Now Cap-and-Trade will be the “gravy” on SB1’s “meat” if it survives its court challenge that will probably culminate in the State Supreme Court.