The BART station at 28th street is not negotiable!

It seems like our struggle to assure a BART station at 28th Street (formerly known as the Alum Rock Station) may not yet be over.

We’ve heard recently that some folks in Santa Clara are suggesting that one of the three stations planned for San Jose (28th Street, Diridon or downtown) should be dropped to assure that Santa Clara will have a BART station. We understand taking a cautious attitude about what VTA promises and can build, but we regret that Santa Clara may take a position that shatters regional solidarity as we approach the November ballot measure. If the 28th Street station were to be eliminated, all of Eastside San Jose would have far less to gain from the proposed transit tax and may well turn against it (especially after our experience with BRT on Alum Rock). But it’s also important to note that the 28th Street station will be the primary access to BART for commuters coming up 101 from the South County.

The VTA Board is scheduled to vote next week (June 2) on the package of projects to be funded by the November ballot measure — a package that now includes all four BART stations. We need to make sure all four stations stay in the package.

Please try to attend the board meeting.

Please also consider contacting some of the board members in advance. Here’s a link to a list of the board members:

Developer Round Table

The only problem I had with the Alum Rock Area Developer Round Table, held on April 25, 2016 at city hall, was the name.  It really should have been called the 28th Street Area Developer Round Table. Other than that, I felt it was very, very successful gathering. Here is my review of the event. After being presented with a overview by city staff of the financial and developmental history of the area and a quick introduction to the community’s … Continue reading →

BART station April CWG Report

From Terry Christensen to the BART Transit Village Advocates, The Community Working Group for the BART station formerly known as “Alum Rock” met on April 13th. The Power Points for the items discussed are available for download in PDF format. Mostly we heard up-dates on funding and other issues. We also heard a report, that had been requested by members of the Working Group, on the prospects of gentrification and displacement including some mitigating measures the City of San Jose … Continue reading →

Station Name: Voting Results

BART Transit Village Advocates; We closed our Station Naming Survey on April 7 with 5,596 responses.  Yes, that’s up from only 180 responses in the first round of the survey.  Clearly, the survey went viral and some folks were campaigning for particular names. Little Portugal was the overwhelming favorite with 63.62% of the vote.  It was also the leader in our first survey with 35% of the vote. The complete results are attached.  These will be discussed at the next … Continue reading →

Station Name: Runoff Vote!

180 votes were cast in our survey of preferences for the station name for the BART station formerly known as “Alum Rock.”   Of the original 21 choices, seven received over 10% of the vote each.  So we are having a “runoff” survey with those top seven candidates.   Let us know your preference (vote for ONE only) by clicking on the link to the survey below. Please keep the BART Station Naming Policy and Guidelines in mind. Overall helpfulness to the … Continue reading →

Station Name Survey Results

Here are the top ten candidates from our survey asking for opinions on new name suggestions for the BART station at 28th street. We received 180 votes.   #1.  Little Portugal, 64 votes #2.  Five Wounds, 43 votes #3.  28th Street, 29 votes #4   East San Jose, 27 votes #5.  East Santa Clara Street, 25 votes #6.  Cesar Chavez, 24 votes #7.  San Jose East, 23 votes #8/9   Downtown East and Aldeia (village in Portuguese), 17 votes each #10 … Continue reading →

Station Name Survey

Quite a few of you haven’t expressed your preference for an alternative station name for the proposed BART station currently known as Alum Rock.  The team was able to convince VTA that the “Alum Rock Station” was not an appropriate station name as it did not reflect the actual location of the station at 28th street.  We also pointed out that there is already a station named Alum Rock, used by the Light Rail system near Capitol and Alum Rock. … Continue reading →

SPUR: BART to San Jose Status

SPUR released an analysis of the financial status of the last phase of the BART connection to San Jose.  It contains a good summary of the current funding alternatives and costs for BART Phase II. As they noted, the BART Silicon Valley extension is the largest transportation investment the South Bay will make for decades. It will connect the East Bay and the South Bay with a 16-mile, six-station extension of the BART system. Once completed, the system will connect … Continue reading →

RailRoad Crossing Signals

A few weeks ago we were told that VTA planned to remove all of the railroad crossing signals and shacks along our trail.  We were told they were hazardous, although no one explained why this became urgent after 20 years   We were happy to hear that the shacks would go because they’ve become a major nuisance and often have been a health hazard.   But we were alarmed at the possible loss of the signal signs which we hoped … Continue reading →

December CWG Notes

VTA’s BART Alum Rock Community Working Group met Wednesday, December 2nd. We got a quick up-date on the prospective application for federal funds — basically the VTA folks are optimistic. The application process will start shortly, but the official application and VTA board decision won’t happen for about one year (after the November ballot measure). The application will cover the original four stations (Alum Rock, Downtown, Diridon and Santa Clara). Most of the meeting was devoted to an informative presentation … Continue reading →